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That moment when you realize your Moirail isn't your moirail after all because when you need them most they turn their back on you

and when you try to argue your stance all you get is "no you're wrong" and they won't even give you what you need the most, because they don't understand how much you need it and even if they did they wouldn't be willing to give it even if you would be willing to give it to them if they needed it as badly as you need this right now

and I'm never going to find someone like that, I know that.

but you know I reblogged this thing on tumblr that was pretty much like "remember you carried yourself when everyone else was trying to sink you" and I said my friends and family would never try to sink me

well they're not trying to sink me but they're adding weights and they're not offering the life jacket I'm begging for.

and I want to hurt myself right now, no I want to kill myself right now, and there's something they could do that could make me feel better and I've told them and they won't.


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